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Government Contracting Essentials

Government Contracting Essentials
An Introduction to Government Contracting

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Explore the Government Contracting Process Enveloped in a Broad Context with Government Contracting Expert Rene Cota

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  • Course ID: GC 100-1
  • Module: Module 1, Course 1
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Quiz: 10 Questions
  • Completion Certificate: Yes
  • Location: CMGU Online Worldwide Campus
  • Format: Webinar


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Increasingly complex government contracting and business methods, growing sophistication in procurement and contract strategy approaches, set-asides, FAR, and demand for a wide-range of services require that you have an expanded knowledge base to become an effective, efficient government contracting professional. Completing all CMG Alliance courses helps open doors to opportunities, not only in identifying, responding, and submitting effective proposals aligned with contract requirements and scope of work, but also provides value in the application of tools, concepts, and principles across the business enterprise.

About This Course

Explore the Government Contracting Process Enveloped in a Broad Context.
Topics include:

  • How the government procures goods and services
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
  • Federal, state, local, and utility company procurements
  • Set-asides and certifications
  • Gov't marketing
  • Bidmatching strategies and proposal writing
  • Understanding teaming agreements
  • And other related topics...

Quiz & Survey

A short 10 question electronic quiz will be emailed to students to test what you've learned and brief survey on your learning experience after you've completed the course.

Training Outcomes

Professionals and students will learn about the government contracting process and how it really works, how to qualify for certain certifications, set­ asides & participation advantages at all levels, how to conduct government agencies spending research and forecasting relative to the products and services offering, learn how to construct an effective capabilities statement & statement of qualifications, multiple award schedules and understanding teaming agreements.

Certificate of Completion

All students that complete the webinar training will receive a Certificate of Completion from CMGU sign by the President! This course can be used as credit towards earning CMGU's Master Certificate in Government Contracting and Business Essentials.

Instructor(s) for this Course

Rene Cota

Government Contracting Instructor

Rene Cota has trained 1000's of executives, business professionals, and small business contractors. He has facilitated over $200m of government procurement business and is a United States Marine Corps Veteran. He has developed training and small business programs for PTAC (Riverside Ca.), PTAC (Los Angeles Ca.), Southern California Edison (VETS Program), LA Metropolitan Transportation Authority (DVBE Program, Mentor Protégé Program and Metro Academy) and the Department of Labor (Veterans Economic Outreach Program).


  • U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
  • Los Angeles Law Firm Contract Negotiations Partner
  • Successful Business Entrepreneur
  • Developed & Implemented Many Government Agency Training and Small Business Programs that include SC Edison, PTAC, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, DVBE Mentor Program, and Department fof Labor Veteran Economic Outreach Program.


  • Facilitated over $200M of procurement business
  • John K. Lopez 2016 Award Winner (Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Government Contract Consulting Firm Owner
  • Over 15 years of Contract Negotiation Experience
  • Mentored, Trained, and Coached 1,000’s of Professionals
Government Contracting Essentials

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